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Methodology to approach Group Discussions for MBA ’18 admission

Though, Group discussion (GD) is no longer an integral part of the selection process at most IIMs, IIM-K and several other reputed B-schools outside of the IIMs still conduct GD together with WAT ( Writing Ability Test ). Followings are some of the notable suggestions to approach group discussions.

Be an adept at Personal Interview: the final hurdle at IIMs and CAT’2018

Being called for interview at IIMs can be deceptively misleading as far as tangible enrollment is concerned. Never to forget the fact that there is usual pattern of inviting applicants in the ratio of 3:1 which clearly makes you one among

CAT’18 : Dos and Don’ts for Working Professionals

The general perception associated with the most of the working professionals is that it is next to impossible to score 99+ percentile while working, however the silver lining is that the recent history of successful candidates illustrates that a majority of successful candidates who have demonstrated

CAT 2018: Essential time management tips

The decision of Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) to introduce sectional time limit to promote non-engineers has visible repercussion on the recent results , where more non-engineers secured their places among perfect scorer. Since the last three years, the CAT format has been altered in terms of time spent by candidates on different sections.  CAT

CAT : How to excel in solving Critical Reasoning Questions

Critical reasoning is the process of actively and skillfully conceptualizing,applying,analyzing,synthesizing, and evaluating information to reach an answer or conclusion; hence it is considered, one among those few question types, which require rigorous practice, tremendous involvement, extended time , yet responsible for contributing more negative marking in your score card. Need not to say that sincere