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S+V Agreement and other grammar rules are vital for verbal section of MAT

Unlike CAT where 24 out of 34 questions of verbal ability are from comprehension only, Language comprehension section of MAT exam comprises only 20 questions from comprehension remaining questions are miscellaneous prominently from the topics such as Para Jumble; Fill in the Blanks; Verbal Reasoning; Syllogisms; Contextual usage; Analogies; Antonyms; Sentence Correction, Sentence

‘Analogy and its supplements ‘ are immensely helpful in CAT critical reasoning

Unambiguous conceptualization of ‘Analogy and its supplements’ is immensely helpful in critical reasoning questions. Analogy is a logical relationship between a pair of words, sentences, concept etc that are given in the question. The task that is expected from you is to pick out the most appropriate set out of the given options that

Concept of Statements and Assumptions in Logical Reasoning.

Verbal reasoning is the process of justifying your preferred assumptions with the help of evidence, facts data and examples stated in the statement. It aims at evaluating ability to think constructively, rather than at simple vocabulary recognition. Verbal reasoning tests intelligence and assesses an individual's ability to think, reason and solve problems in different ways.

Robust Time management is prerequisite to succeed in CAT exam

Perhaps, the only infallible way to succeed in CAT exam is to possess and execute robust time management skill, as it strictly follows the universal law of success. This is why most of the people who have achieved incredible success possess this virtue as a common skill. The only precaution needed to be taken

Learn to identify: ‘What is to be read and what is not ’ in CAT RC

The biggest dilemma associated with CAT RC is what to read and what not to read and what should be the criteria to judge this. To overcome this one is required to be voracious reader only after spending hours and hours rigorously reading not so amazing set of texts one finds himself in a position