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CAT Verbal Ability: How to make Reading Comprehension your stronghold

As reading comprehension constitutes 70% of the CAT Verbal Ability questions, it’s no rocket science to acknowledge RC as the most pivotal part of CAT exam. Most of the students are under the misleading assumption that in order to improve their Reading score they should read novels and newspapers. Preparing for the RC can be

A Meticulous Attention is required to read between the lines of notification

Though the intake capacity of the 20 IIMs is close to only 4,000 yet more than two lakh candidates appear for CAT every year conducted by IIMs on a rotational basis. Several terms and conditions along with CAT exam patterns usually don’t change every year hence any major shift from previous years should not be

Unorthodox approach and strategy required to master CAT Quantitative Ability questions

Quantitative ability is the section that can make or break your dream of landing at prestigious IIMs. If handled precisely it is the most rewarding part, at the same time hustling approach or lack of meticulous analysis can end in disaster as well, in the formof negative marking. This is the reason why this particular

The Edufoster Advantage for CAT Aspirants

Edufoster, as the name suggests has a very well defined vision in order to lead the CAT aspirants towards success in life.Our primary focus is to offer the students an extensive training in order to help them score high in CAT and other allied examinations such as SAT, MAT etc. We have a team of

Approach to identify Misfit sentence / Odd sentence

Odd / Misfit sentence is an extended, offshoot form of Para Jumbles where a Para jumble with out of context sentences will be given and you have to find the one sentence that misfits with respect to the theme or the context. Its comparatively recent pattern of question, initiated in 2012. Here, some approaches and