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Learn to identify: ‘What is to be read and what is not ’ in CAT RC

The biggest dilemma associated with CAT RC is what to read and what not to read and what should be the criteria to judge this. To overcome this one is required to be voracious reader only after spending hours and hours rigorously reading not so amazing set of texts one finds himself in a position

MAT: Gateway of 600+ Prestigious B Schools

MAT (The Management Aptitude Test) is conducted by AIMA, 4 times annually, in the months of May, September, December and February since 1988 to facilitate B-Schools in short listing candidates for admission to MBA and allied programmes. The fact that one can appear four times a year and MAT score is considered benchmark in approximately

Homonyms for MBA entrance exams

The verb adapt means to change something to make it suitable adept noun/adjective means very skilled or proficient at something.


Quantitative Ability is probably the scariest section for most students preparing for CAT Exam. The syllabus is quite vast, the list of formulas is endless and there is always a shortcut trick that you are not aware of!!!

Probable 100 + WAT premises for CAT 2018

We don't know how to be in a queue
Blowing your own trumpet will meet deaf ears
Only performers will survive
Equation is 98% hard work & 2% luck